Hooking Frames


These hooking frames are great for hooking these kits – it makes it really easy!

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Product Description

13″ x 11″ approx

This custom made hooking frame makes hooking very easy.

Simply attach the hessian to the frame using good drawing pins.  This allows one hand underneath the hessian to hold the yarn and the other hand to hold the hook.  If you are right handed you hook from right to left and if you are left handed you hook from left to right.  The hooking frame allows you to move the frame around and change direction or hook around a shape.

When you have hooked the area on the frame simply remove the hessian from the frame and re-attach to the area next to hook.

The height of the frame is approx 5″ and when placed on your knee to hook – it brings the work up to a better height and avoids straining your neck.

Large pieces of work can be hooked on this very useful frame.